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Top 5 Reasons for Creating a Custom eCommerce Website for Your Store

is it time for my business to go online?

Let’s be frank, physical presence doesn’t matter anymore in this digital world. Your online existence decides whether you make it or break it, which is why having a website is mandatory in this digital age. Amidst a global pandemic, an e-commerce website is a must if you’re in the buying and selling business.  

But just having an e-commerce website doesn’t magically fix things. Every business has one, and in every single site it’s the same thing, you add to cart, you checkout, you get it delivered. You don’t have fancy mannequins and perfectly designed shops to be unique anymore.  

How can you add your spark to this ever so mundane online process and how can you keep your customers coming back for more? And that is why a custom developed e-commerce website is the right card to play because even though it’s easy to watch some YouTube tutorials and pull together a random WordPress theme to get your store up and running, you need to stand out. No one knows your customer like you, so why not use that and leave an impact behind?  

Here are the top five reasons why you should get a custom e-commerce website.

1. You make the rules 

Putting together a WordPress theme is easy. But, you’ve got to play by their rules and stick to what you’re given. Whatever theme you choose and regardless of how much it costs, is it worth it if you can’t have it the way you want?   

Getting yourself a custom made website gives you the freedom to demand what you want from your site. After all, your personality is what makes your brand unique and why lose that trying to play by someone else’s rules when you don’t have to?   

Customization is important but doing it in a way that your site looks modern and elegant is a task that is difficult to master. This is why companies like Avieon, a web design company based in Sri Lanka, specialize in e-commerce website development. To translate your dream into the customer’s needs.

2. Stand out from the crowd

If you look at many of the e-commerce websites, you can see that they look common. This doesn’t reflect well on a brand and certainly does not leave a memorable impact. By getting a custom e-commerce website, you can ensure that your site stands out from the average e-commerce website. Given the right people, you can make sure that your online presence leaves your customers coming back for more.  

Making your physical shop stand out from the crowd is easy, but making an e-commerce website stand out requires a creative eye and a team of designers and developers whose job is to do just that. To make a digital product stand out from the rest. Our SEO and unique designs are guaranteed to give your website the edge that it needs. 

3. Creative marketing 

There’s a reason why data is important. Don’t underestimate the amount of knowledge you can gain by analyzing the data from an e-commerce website. Targeted marketing is effective and by binding it with your e-commerce website, the potential is boundless. You might be confused on how to integrate those two, but leave that to the professionals and watch your money roll in. The potential gained by having your site designed to specifically cater to your target market is unparalleled. 

It’s not just about utilizing and analyzing data, your website is also a platform to carry out your marketing campaigns. It’s all just a matter of doing it right and in a creative way. We don’t just specialize in digital products, we specialize in digital marketing, and that’s why we know best when it comes to intertwining the two. 

4. Being you 

Carrying your brand image that you’ve worked tirelessly and transforming it into a digital product is difficult. But customers love familiarity and major changes aren’t always good. Your online presence mustn’t change your brand identity. It’s your brand identity that should drive the changes in your online presence.  

We know that your brand image is important, and we know that you know your customer best, which is why we are dedicated to making sure that your website reflects what your brand truly is. While searching for what attracts customers, it’s easy to lose yourself, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our priority is ensuring that your online store is much more than shop, checkout, drop. 

5. Convenience

One of the major headaches of working with themes and pre-built websites is getting used to how they work, and then learning how to change it to what you want. Make no mistake, e-commerce website development is not an easy task. It can take weeks and maybe months and you won’t always get the result that you expected. When you get a custom e-commerce website done, you know its ins and outs better than anyone. Why bother learning to build one or change some prebuilt one when you can get it done and focus on more important tasks instead? There’s no learning curve to get used to a foreign system if you get one made that’s catered to how you want it and to add to that you’ll be involved in every step of making it.  

This is why, at Avieon, one of the up and coming web design companies in Sri Lanka,  you’ll be a part of every development and design decision and everything goes through you. When we are done making your ideas a reality, you’ll know your site better than anyone. We specialize in e-commerce website development and design to cater to your target market. Among all other web design companies in Sri Lanka, we stand out because we have the tools and knowledge of what it takes to make your product stand out.

Don’t believe us? Contact us and we’ll show you exactly how we can help you make an e-commerce website that knocks out the competition. 

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